Better care: what you can do for your health

Image result for health careIn the run-up to Christmas and at Christmas, many Germans are not so happy with their health and treat themselves here and there with delicious food and drinks at Christmas celebrations or markets. There is often little time for sport towards the end of the year and sometimes motivation is lacking. At the latest on New Year’s Eve many consumers take stock and make resolutions for the new year. “Living healthier” is one of the most frequently expressed intentions. Not infrequently fail the good intentions after a short time. You can find out here how you can effectively take care of your health without much effort.

Provision is the first step towards health

 Most diseases are not innate, but occur only in the course of life. Since one’s own living conditions strongly influence the health and the well-being, consumers themselves have a great influence on their health and can strengthen them by taking preventive measures. Regular exercise, a balanced diet or the learning of coping with stress, as well as the performance of check-ups or vaccinations, count as preventive measures. Depending on which statutory health insurance consumers are insured, the extent of the preventive benefits taken over or subsidized by the health insurance may vary.

Differences in the statutory health insurance

Differences in the statutory health insurance

Basically, the general contributions to the statutory health insurance companies are the same. The Social Security Code (SGB V) defines the benefits that are obligatory to be provided by the statutory health insurance funds and ensure the health care of the insured. Since the contribution reform in 2015, health insurance companies can levy additional contributions for individual services. This includes, for example, the reimbursement of health or fitness courses or the reward for a healthy life. It can therefore happen that a health insurance subsidizes or completely assumes preventive measures and examinations, while another statutory health insurance does not cover any costs. In order to prevent unnecessary costs in the long term and still be able to benefit from necessary services, consumers can carry out a health insurance comparison at the health insurance central in search of the appropriate insurance.

Find the right health insurance

Who is insured with a statutory health insurance, which does not offer the required additional services or does not pay the costs, may be faced with high costs quickly. Because not every insured person can settle the accruing bills without further ado, taking out a loan can be an option. Because of exclusive interest rates, smava always offers consumers cheap online loans, which are clearly different from home bank loans.

Especially people with known or chronic conditions often need more or other services than people, without any health restrictions and should therefore secure themselves with a suitable health insurance. Even for consumers who do not need to be covered by statutory health insurance, switching to voluntary health insurance can be a sensible alternative. Compared to a membership in a private health insurance often costs can be saved here.

Check services carefully and decide on individual needs

The consumer advice advises to conclude a new health insurance in peace and without time pressure. Doctors and health insurance companies are available for advice on individual questions. Consumers should be well informed before concluding a contract, which benefits are insured to what extent and how high any additional payments. With the help of the comparison, consumers can easily do something for their health in the long term and even save money.