Creditomas online mini-credits are the perfect solution for emergency situations.

Image result for emergency situationDo you have a breakdown at home? Do you need the car to work and what do you have to take to the workshop? Or maybe you were trying to save for a small vacation and had to spend your money in an unforeseen event? Do not worry, with Creditomas microloans you will receive your money in a matter of hours.

How can I get fast money with Creditomas?

How can I get fast money with Creditomas?

It is very simple. To request $2000 installment loans you just have to register and send us the complete form. Once we have received your request, we will contact you in approximately 10 minutes to verify your information and, if necessary, we would ask you to send us additional documentation.

Why are Creditomas online loans so fast?

Why are Creditomas online loans so fast?

When requesting a financial product in your bank or savings bank you must provide a lot of documentation proving that you can return the amount. To avoid paperwork and delays, Creditomas works with Instantor, a Swedish company that with only your login data from your usual online bank, completes a financial report on the viability of your online mini-credit. Instantor analyzes your financial status for the last 12 months and in a few minutes, it sends us this study. In a few hours, you can have the money in your account.

What requirements do I have to meet in order for my microloan request to be approved?

Getting fast money in Creditomas is very simple and you just have to meet some very basic requirements:
• Be a resident in Spain.
• Have a DNI or NIE.
• You must be between 21 and 70 years old.
• You must be a mobile phone holder.
• You must not appear in any delinquent registry. That is to say, Creditomas only offers loans without asf, although occasionally other similar registries can be checked to analyze the solvency of the applicant.

What are the advantages of Creditomas?

What are the advantages of Creditomas?

Thanks to our collaboration with Instantor, we received the viability report immediately, so you can get the money quickly.
With Creditomas, paperwork is a thing of the past. You just need to provide us with the login data in your online financial institution so that Instantor can carry out its analysis.
We check the financial status of your account in the last 12 months. If at this time you are not included in any list of defaulters, there is no reason for your quick credit to be rejected.
Creditomas works with updated information in real time, which allows you to obtain a current picture of your financial situation and avoid defaults.
Creditomas’ fidelity to loans is valued very positively, with the client being able to request up to € 900 in successive loans. In the first application, the client has at his disposal a free loan, where no interest or commissions are applied. Up to € 300 where we look for the customer to know our product and our service.

Is Creditomas a safe company?

Is Creditomas a safe company?

We use the same security systems as any online banking entity. The mini credit approval process is verified by Verisign SSL and the data is encrypted by the e-Trust company. For your peace of mind, at the end of each application, the information is completely deleted so that no one can access your data.

And what happens if I can not return the online credit within the agreed period?

First of all, on the website you have at your disposal a calculator that lets you know the amount that you will have to pay back within the term you have chosen, bearing in mind that the maximum limit is 30 days. However, we all know that there are unforeseen events and you may not be able to meet the payment on the set date. No problem. Creditomas offers you the possibility to extend the refund 7, 14 or 30 days extra! For that, you have another term extension calculator.

As you can see, we make it easy for you to have your $1000 bad credit loans in the simplest form and you can return it comfortably, knowing in advance the amount to be returned and avoiding last-minute inconvenient surprises. This is your opportunity to get a quick loan without payroll or endorsement. What are you waiting for?

The immediacy in the management of online loans by Creditomas is based on:

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  • Scanned documents such as endorsements or payrolls are not requested, which implies a very fast and prompt application.
  • The application evaluation system is automatic, so there is no need for human interaction that could slow down the response.
  • The customer service team is in perfect contact with customers as soon as there is an incident in the request so that there is no delay in the management of the same.
  • But the main factor that guarantees immediacy, is that Creditomas can analyze the applicant’s solvency almost instantaneously and without having to ask for any type of documentation or vouchers thanks to the Instant verification of the account where the client has decided that he wants to receive the amount of your quick credit.


What is Instator and how does it work?

<strong>What is Instator and how does it work?</strong>

Ollisintegrallife other that evaluates in an agile and simple way your financial solvency. To request a loan in a traditional bank, you must send your payroll and a guarantee that you can face the credit. However, Instantor only needs your access data to your online bank. Start your session as if you were going to enter your usual online bank and Instantor will automatically access your account to collect the necessary information, validate your identity and make a report that will send to the lender, in this case, Creditomas.

Is Instator safe?

Totally. More and more entities are using Instantor for their simplicity, agility, and security. The process is reviewed by Verisign SSL and uses an e-Trust data encryption system. Once the process is finished, Instantor deletes your data, which prevents anyone from accessing them and increases confidentiality.

Can Instantor perform transactions from my bank account?

<strong>Can Instantor perform transactions from my bank account? <br /></strong>

Never. Instantor can only access your account to make the report but can not manage or manipulate your data.

How long does Instantor take to complete its report?

As its name suggests, Instantor is immediate and the report will be ready in a few minutes. However, the process also depends on the speed of your online bank in providing the information.

What are the main advantages of Instantor?

Unlike banks and savings banks, which may take days or weeks to answer, Instantor completes its viability report at the time and sends it to Creditomas.
You do not need to send documentation or papers. With just providing your login data from your online bank, Instantor conducts your study.
Intantor checks your financial status for the last 12 months, so if you went through a rough patch before that period, with Instantor you will not have problems getting your credit fast and without papers.
Instantor uses the same security standards as your online bank. The management of the information is absolutely confidential and the data is draft at the end of the procedures so that nobody will have access to the study or the information.